Shreya Business Solutions : the Business engine that enhances individual growth

What we do

We help, facilitate, enable professionals to obtain Lean Six Sigma Certification by being a trusted partner and offering online & face to face individualized training.

How we do what we say we will do (Ten Key Points)

  1.  Our courseware is aligned with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Body of knowledge
  2.  Certification is through ASQ (ASQ Certification is Globally recognized - Certification exams are held throughout the year.. For details: go to
  3.  At the end of on line Training with us  will prepare you for the ASQ exam
  4.  Courseware is self paced, hence flexible (Voiceover Audio helps to explain key points in the course materials)
  5.  Personalized one on one instructions through Live meetings online (Instructors available  on call any time)
  6.  Learning Modules to help substantiate concepts  about six sigma management beyond those available in the courseware/Books
  7.  Practice Questions beyond those in the online class
  8.  Case studies to help illustrate the practical aspects
  9.  Templates  when answering Quiz questions as part of the online training
  10.  All the Training materials will be hosted on a secure website, accessible anytime through proper login credentials

Note : Our fees includes cost towards ASQ Exams and Books

where we are headed

  • We intend to enhance the skillsets of professionals through online six sigma training that will help to contribute to the success of the companies they work for.
  • How we do what we say we will do

– Courseware contains examples from different industries
– Instructors available from different industries backed up by sufficient practical experience in the field of lean six sigma methodology
– Instructors are Master Black Belts/Yellow Belts/Green Belts  from reputed organizations
– Project work (a prerequiste for the ASQ Black Belt Exam) will be picked from the industry the student hails from
– Project Work and the courseware are designed to a. pass the ASQ exam and b. make the students more marketable
– Our Placement organization will help to get proper placements in the industry for successful candidates

Values and shared beliefs

  • Customer Focus: As one of the best online six sigma training provider, we give our first and highest attention to our customers(Professionals/Students). Our success is defined by our customers’ success.
  • Responsibility & Accountability: We live up to our commitments and to the trust given to us by our customers.
  • Partnership: We form collaborative teamwork and win-win relationships with our customers.
  • We have over 30 years of industry experience covering a variety of industries: Telecom, Aerospace, Lean six sigma training ,Manufacturing, Financial Services, etc.
  • Expected Outcomes

– Helping Professionals/Students to pass the ASQ  Lean Six Sigma Certification
– Enable Professionals/Students to be knowledgeable and possess the needed skill sets to be successful in the corporate world.