Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - (What’s in it for me)

Why should I pursue Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

  • When you obtain the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, the biggest gain is that you will be in great demand in the Corporate world
  • And that is because most of the fortune 500 companies have embraced the concept of Lean Six Sigma and using it to drive process improvements thereby enhancing their profitability
  • So purely from an individual growth standpoint, your marketability goes up considerably
  • Net Net…Its nice to have this certification on your cv….and that too from a globally recognized organization such as the American Society for Quality(ASQ)
  • Note : Once you become Green Belt Certified, you should pursue Black Belt Certification because the extra effort to go from Green to Black Belt is not much(about 30 hrs more)

How to get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

  • Many Companies offer on site as well as on line training.
  • If you google, you literally come up with hundreds of companies.
  • You have to choose a service provider that best matches your needs.

What can we do to help you get the Certification

  • Our focus/specialty is online Training.
  • At the end of on line Training with us, we will prepare you for the ASQ exam(Certification is through ASQ – (Our Fees includes costs towards ASQ Exam Fee Plus Books).
  • Our Training Materials/Courseware is aligned with the ASQ Body of Knowledge.
  • Our Instructors are available on call all the time(personalized one on one service).
  • Our placement section will work with you post certification for suitable job placements (though there is no guarantee).

Green Belt Certificate – Highlights

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online certification program will enable you to:
  • Pass the ASQ exam
  • Be knowledgeable to apply the Lean Six Sigma tools as a problem solving tool in any industry
  • Work on small, carefully defined Six Sigma projects/Functional Process areas ie Supply Chain, Logistics etc, requiring less than a Black Belt’s full-time commitment to Six Sigma throughout the organization.

Role of Certified Green Belts

  • Successfully Help deploy Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Lead Small scale improvements projects in their respective areas either individually or as part of larger teams
  • Support Black Belts in data gathering, data validation
  • Be a change agent

Green Belt Training & Certification - Where do you fit

You can fit in any industry…ie Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government…you name it

Course Objectives

This course will familiarize participants in the use of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach to problem solving key Business issues, introduce and understand at a conceptual level the use of the various Lean Six Sigma tools. The course structure will be in line with ASQs body of knowledge structure and will prepare the participants to take the ASQs Green Belt certification exam

How will you benefit

  • Understand value creation by focusing on key business Processes
  • Drive Process improvements through the application of lean six sigma tools

You will learn

  • What is DMAIC and how to use for a typical Business issue
  • Conceptual clarity on the use of the various Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Live examples in a workshop setting
  • How Process Improvements can lead to Cost Savings

Who should attend

Managers, Engineers tasked to lead implementation of Lean Six Sigma program in a company

Our approach

  • A Pdf file will be sent which will have that week’s material along with an audio link
  • There is a quiz at the end of the file..answers are expected back by the following week
  • Repeat the same process for the next five weeks
  • Beyond the six weeks, we will coach individuals to pass the ASQ certification exam


$ 1500.00 (Costs will cover ASQ exam fees/Books)


Duration: 6 weeks

Note: 1. Duration for on line course is six weeks ( Classes commence every Monday)
2. Duration for on site classes is one week


1. Define
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Project Scoping/Project Charter
  • High Level Process Maps
  • Project Definition/Project Selection
  • Preparing to Manage Change/Change Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities
  • QFD/Kano Model etc
  • EVA and Driving Bottom Line Improvements
2. Measure
  • Data Collection Plans
  • Basic Statistics
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Detailed Process Maps
  • Current State Value Stream Maps
  • Process Sigma/Capability Analysis
3. Analyze
  • Fishbone Diagrams
  • Building a C&E Matrix
  • FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis)
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Design Of Experiments ( Introduction)
4. Improve
  • Lean Tools
  • Kanban
  • Pull
  • Process Flow Metrics
  • Mistake Proofing
  • 5S
  • Eight Types of Waste
5. Control
  • Introduction to SPC
  • Building a Control Plan
  • Control Methods
  • Constructing Control Charts
  • Stakeholder Approvals
  • Training/Communication
  • Project Closure


What are the minimum requirements/qualifications for me to take up this course?


Graduation in science/Engineering degree.

The on line version is Six weeks… is there any flexibility here?

Yes…The program is self paced…

How exactly does the self pace work?

Pdf files with an audio link will be sent every week…for six weeks…While the entire course is intended for six weeks, you can work to suit your pace……Instructors are available round the clock

If I take this course, will this help to take the ASQ Green Belt Certification exam?

Yes..the courseware is completely aligned with the ASQ body of knowledge…Furthermore, we will help to coach individuals to clear the certification exam

Do I need statistical analysis software?

For the ASQ exam, there is no need…however, Training on Minitab is offered separately.

Does this course include certification?

No…however we undertake to coach the individuals to prepare for the ASQ exam…That’s why the fee for the course includes the cost for registering with ASQ for the certification exam

When are ASQ exams held?

They are held throughout the year.


"My experience working with SA Vaneswaran was exceptional when I was doing the Green Belt Program.   I am a working professional and don’t often have the ability to attend a class at a specified time.  SA was able to provide a recorded lesson and presentation along with corresponding reading material.  I was able to review the presentation, study, and complete assignments at any time during a given week and then SA would schedule a call at a convenient time to review. He was even willing to meet me in person several times so that I could get a better understand of material that may have been confusing.  With SA’s instruction I felt prepared to take the next steps toward certification in Lean Six Sigma"

Sandy Wall - BAYADA Home Health Care, PA