Lean Six Sigma Applications in daily life Story 1

Lean Six Sigma Applications in daily life Story 1

It is the middle of the night, there is not much traffic on the roads, John is driving home from work. A hard and long day at that, he was helping out a college who had a family emergency. John had only one thought in mind, kissing his kids and wife and getting a good night sleep.

BUT…. Bam something hit the car and it toppled at a speed of 55 miles per hour. It was a big deer. but that did not matter. John was seriously hurt, he was conscious yea. but was discombobulated. He knew that he had to seek help. Many thoughts are now going through John’s mind. What would happen if he cannot get help, what if help arrives late. But John knew better than fear. He knew that his life was in his hands for now.

He managed to reach out to his mobile. Dial 911. The paramedics and medic chopper came but it took about 30 minutes before he could be placed in the chopper. The ER room was  crowded and had a small staff. The team there was very familiar with Dr Gawande’s work on the checklist manifesto. But putting that to practice was. Hmmm, a different story. The doctors did not want to miss stuff due to inconsistency and unreliability.

 Nobody wanted to commit an error of ineptitude. The doctor in charge had a an ER checklist but human memory can become fallible when there are very serious and pressing events going on. There were signs and boards about polices, procedures and checklists that had to be followed in case anybody forgot, mistake proofing. The doctor and the team focused on John who was almost passing out, encouraged him and worked through out the night and saved his life. Yea John is still not out of the woods but he is on his way to recovery. In this hospital lessons were learnt the hard way......In fact Major complications from surgery fell by 50 percent, Deaths fell by 47 last month and infections has reduced by half. So is there is silver bullet. What is the magic potion? Nah, It is all about HAIL. Honesty + Authentic + Integrity + Love……This is the emotional side of principles that we as people have used over many years.

These ideas have been perfected and called Lean Six Sigma. So welcome to the world of LSS. Can we open the world with the use of the magic words ..”Open Sesame”….. what do we do when the door opens… there are hidden treasures that we all can use, so reach out and engage so that we all can benefit… and each one of us can then stand and proudly say…….. YES we have made a difference in society.

What are some lessons learnt:

  1. Minimize the distance between the operation rooms and the blood banks  where blood samples are kept
  2. Wrong labelling perhaps led to the hospital staff getting the wrong blood sample
  3. Standard operating procedures of what to do when, educating all the people involved might have helped in reducing a lot of the confusion

Here is where Lean six sigma could have helped…all the points noted above are the fundamentals in any lean six sigma deployment…